The Story & The Makers


From the shifting sands of the Desert of Setra in the West to the lawless Pirates of Fukushū Bay in the East to the illuminating Light Walkers at the heart of the Baransu Realm comes a captivating tale of thrilling adventure, high stakes, and redemption. Welcome to the Shibui Universe!

Shibui Universe

The Shibui Universe is a cinematic universe empowered by a new groundbreaking WEB3 model.  From the Light Walker warriors battling it out in the Soulless Citadel to the legendary Women Warriors to the cursed Pirates of Fukushu - the Universe has rich, expansive lore with interconnected adventures spanning generations.

Begining with Shibui's first episode ORIGINS you will get a glimpse into the creation of our universe and in time, the Universe's many realms, tribes, and secrets will be revealed. Together, we shape the cinematic landscape of tomorrow.

The Lacus People

The Light Walkers Old Village

The Montes Giants

The Pirates of Fukushú

The Soulless Citadel

The Women Warriors

The Creators

Shibui Labs is a creative team of talented award-winning writers, artists, and filmmakers driven by a love for storytelling and the strength of community.

Our mission is to bring the Shibui Cinematic Universe to life—a vast and interconnected world of captivating stories, diverse characters, and vibrant cultures.  And, with web3 technology and NFT collectibles, we're reimagining how stories are made and experienced.  

Our vision is for a thriving community where creators, fans, and enthusiasts collaborate to shape the future of entertainment.  Get ready to explore limitless possibilities in the digital age with the Shibui Cinematic Universe.